OSAKA is known for hosting Japan's soul food, and from April 24th 2015, Sydneysiders will get to have a bit of Osaka's soul in the heart of Potts Point. With Osaka Bar, Owner-Chef Kazu will open his first venture. "I love Australia, but I do miss Osaka. I wanted to bring a piece of who I am here, and Osaka Bar is a piece of me. It will serve all the comfort food I miss from home, so I can feel at home here in Sydney."

About Us

Owner Chef Kazu is from Suita city, in Osaka. Ask him whether he misses Japan, and he will tell you that he misses Osaka. Chef Kazu brings 30 years of experience with him. He started to learn how to become a tradtional Japanese Chef when he was 18 years old and moved to Australia in 1996.

He first worked as a restaurant manager in Sydney's popular Masuya restaurant back in 1996. Upon arriving in Australia, Chef Kazu couldn't speak English. From hanging out with colleagues, he gradually learned. In 1998, Chef Kazu became Masuya's head Chef. "It was thanks to Masuya that I was sponsored".

Chef Kazu, despite having the coveted certificate to prepare the poisonous Puffer fish in many councils (the certificate is delivered per council and chefs who have this certification know how to thin sashimi very thinly) insists he isn't a sushi chef, but a traditional chef. Chef Kazu worked in very traditional Japanese restaurants, where tables and counters are replaced by tatami, and clients are wealthy Japanese politicians. He was the personal chef of a baseball player and his fiancee, preparing Omakase for them.

Create Your Own Sushi In Potts Point!

We're now accustomed to customising our salads and sandwiches, but have you ever been able to create sushi with the exact ingredients of your choice?

The popular Osaka Bar in Llankelly Place have expanded their offering from delicious food inspired by Osaka's exciting food scene, to include an array of sushi options.

The sushi menu includes the chef's recommendations, but also includes a Create Your Own option that is bound to be popular with all who wish to determine their own food destiny.

With Kazu, Owner and Head Chef, hailing from Osaka, it was only right that the sushi also reflect this influence. Therefore customers not only get to choose the Nigiri (rolled) style that many of us are used to, but they can order Kansai style (from Osaka), that involves placing the sushi in a box and pressing it. This Kansai Style is fascinating to see created by Kazu - and if you ask him, he'll even help you to prepare your own Kansai style sushi!

With the highest of standards in mind, Kazu tells me that all ingredients are fresh, with the sushi selected from the fish market, that very day.

Clearly Kazu is very excited to share this exciting approach to sushi with Potts Point and beyond. It is his infectious enthusiasm for Osaka style food that radiates through every facet of Osaka Bar, and will ensure this fresh approach to sushi is a rip roaring hit with locals.

Find Osaka Bar at Shop 15, Llankelly Place

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun from 6pm
Fri-Sun 12pm-3pm
Closed Wednesday

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Contact Us

Osaka Bar
Shop 15, Llankelly Place
24-30 Springfield Ave
Potts Point, NSW 2011

Phone: (02)8970 1143

Opening Hours
Fri-Sun: 12:00pm - 3:00pm
Mon, Tue, Thu-Sun: 6:00pm - 11:00pm
(Last order 10:00pm) Wed/Closed